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Welcome to Lewis Off-Road Discovery!   We can offer you sightseeing tours around Ness at the north of the beautiful Isle of Lewis, visiting cultural and historical sites with a Land Rover Discovery, all of them with an off-road theme that cannot be tasted with a ordinary bus, car or taxi.  Best of all, you will be in total comfort in the Discovery, and can be taken by a Gaelic-speaking guide to explain the sights - you will be more than a tourist, and really discover our islands!!

Tours are available daily from Monday to Saturday - please book at least one day in advance.  We offer three basic types of tour, all with fixed prices which can be shared by up to four people:

bulletDelivery to the starting point of the coastal walk from Tolsta across the moor to Ness, at 50 per day, crossing Lord Leverhulme's 'Bridge to Nowhere' with the Land Rover Discovery.  We will then pick you up south of Skigersta and take you back to your hotel.  This option saves you the trouble of having to arrange cars at either end of this exacting trek, increases your safety because we will be awaiting your arrival, and takes away the tedious walking over rough tracks at either end of the tranquil moor walk.  You will enjoy your day more!  We can also supply a guide during the walk for an additional 25 per day.


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bulletA daily tour of Ness in the north of Lewis, at 12.50 per hour, looking at a number of off-road sites.  Some of these historical sites can be seen at a distance from a tour bus - we can take you up really close to these and any other off-road sites, and tell you about them, in comfort! 

           Historical sites -

           Butt of Lewis lighthouse         Eye at the Butt of Lewis         St Moluag's Temple
           Local Historical Society           Pygmy's Isle                             Carnan Geal
           Tigh 'An Fiosaich                       Dun Eisdean                             Port of Ness harbour
           Skigersta quay                           Cnoc Fianuis                             Loch Stiapabhat

            Activities - [some dependent upon weather and cooperation from the animal kingdom ...!]

            Peat cutting                                 Sea-trout fishing                       Brown trout fishing
            Bird watching                             Otter/Seal spotting                   Cliff top walking

            Beaches -

           Triagh Shanndaidh                      Port of Ness beach                    Stoth beach


           Sport [as available to the public at Lionel School at extra cost ......]

            Swimming pool                         Tennis courts                             Badminton court



            Morven Gallery                             Dell Crafts                                 Borve Pottery


bulletAn extended island tour is on offer, at 10 per hour, where you can book our Discovery for more than one day.  Let us know what you want - our vehicle can visit most places!


Check out local news at http://www.reidio.com and at http://www.hebrides.com.

Hebrides     Lewis      Stornoway     tourism      tourists     holidays      vacations     angling      bird-watching     fishing      walks      walking  ......   enjoyment!


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