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In House Publishing has the international curriculum development experience necessary for delivering quality school assessment using tests and examinations and homework packs, needed for formal education by parents, teachers and students.  We produce assessment and homework packs for the following k-12 and 5-14 middle, primary and secondary school subjects to help pupils with exams and home study.

The subjects available so far are:
English, Gaelic, French (Modern Foreign Languages), Mathematics (Maths),
Environmental Studies Science (Astronomy, Biology,
Biotechnology, Chemistry, Electronics, Geology and Physics), Social Subjects (Geography, History), Technology (Design and Technology, Technical), Home Economics, Information Technology (Computing).

Dyslexia - Help for Dyslexics

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.  When we produce assessments such as tests and examinations for the other subjects, we will announce this by turning the subject above from grey to navy to show that it is ready.

One very exciting planned development is to produce talking versions of our programs for the very young, or those who have difficulty reading, such as dyslexics.  These new talking programs will retain full functionality as word processing packages such as our existing Microsoft Word Packs, retaining the ability to amend and print out the assessments and homework as you wish.  The talking software uses a package called Talking Textease from Softease Ltd.  IHP can be contacted by email, fax or telephone - we will be very pleased to help you and your children.

Here to help with k-12, 5-14 assessment, exams, homework, tests  - order from In House Publishing!!


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