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Products for Key Stage 3 Science

This Year 7 sample homework page is about 'Experimental and Investigative Science'.  Graphics are by In House Publishing and Desktop Projects, Stockport.

The questions assess the following Science Attainment Targets:

Planning experimental procedures -  to select apparatus, equipment and techniques, taking account of safety procedures.

This material is designed to be read at home by Year 7 pupils, without significant parental or teacher help.  Alternatively, our Talking Textease tests can be read out aloud by a computer.  Answer sheets and explanations are also supplied.

A cross-curricular link with
Art has been explored.

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Name  _____________________                             Form   _______

To be completed for    _____________________                                      1/1h        4/5

                       SAFETY WITH MAINS ELECTRICITY.

1         Describe below in your own words how you would correctly wire a three-pin
           mains plug
.    You are given a three-core mains cable, a plug and any
           necessary tools.



            Draw in the correct colours for each of the three wires in the plug below using
            a colouring pen or pencil, stating which plug pin each coloured wire goes
            to.  Can you find the usual colour for the 3A fuse, and draw it in correctly?

                                                ks3y7h07.gif (11813 bytes)
2        Explain below in your own words why mains electricity is so dangerous.



3        Explain below in your own words how fuses help to protect us from faulty
          mains electricity



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