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Products for Level C Science

These Level C sample assessment pages are about 'Understanding Living Things and the Processes of Life'.  Graphics are by In House Publishing and Desktop Projects, Stockport.

The questions assess the following Science Attainment Outcomes : Key Features

the structure and functions of the major parts of the body as they relate to the processes of movement (muscles, bones, and joints) and nutrition (teeth and digestive system)
the structure and functions of the parts of flowering plants (roots, stems, leaves, flowers) and factors which affect germination and growth
dispersal of fruits and seeds by animals (externally/internally), by wind and by self

This material is designed to be read by Primary 4/5 children, with some parent or teacher help allowed when necessary.  Alternatively, our Talking Textease tests can be read out aloud by a computer.  Answer sheets and explanations are also supplied.

A cross-curricular link with
Health Education has been explored.

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1     Which one of these things may be alive?

        A     Bike
        B     Car                                                                                                                 1
        C     Computer
        D     Rabbit
        E     Robot                                                                                               1/KU

2     Animals and plants are living things. Which one of these is NOT true about animals?

        A     Animals eat
        B     Animals grow                                                                                                  1
        C     Animals make food from sunlight
        D     Animals drink
        E     Animals breed                                                                                  1/KU

3     To stop tooth decay, we should

                                                      03.gif (3297 bytes)                                                                                                                                     1
        A     Take drugs
        B     Brush our teeth
        C     Eat sweets
        D     Take exercise
        E     Drink water                                                                                       1/KU

4     A baby was growing inside its mother.

                            In 2 weeks it was 2 cm long.
                            In 4 weeks it was 4 cm long.
                            In 6 weeks it was 6 cm long.

        How long do you think the baby might be in 8 weeks?                                               1

        A       2 cm
        B       4 cm
        C       6 cm
        D       8 cm
        E     10 cm                                                                                                 1/I&E
                                                                                                           [ Turn over

5     A baby drinks 5 ml of milk about 3 times a day. How much milk does it drink in a day?

        A        5 ml
        B     10 ml                                                                                                                 1
        C     15 ml
        D     20 ml
        E     25 ml                                                                                                 1/I&E

6     When we run, our pulse rate

                                        06.gif (36345 bytes)                                                                                                                                   1
        A     Stops
        B     Slows down a lot
        C     Slows down a little
        D     Stays the same
        E     Speeds up                                                                                             1/KU

7     Flowering plants are made up of a number of living parts.

        The part with an arrow pointing to it is called the 07.gif (6862 bytes)

        A     Flower
        B     Leaf                                                                                                               1
        C     Petal
        D     Root
        E     Stem                                                                                              1/KU

                                                                                                           [ Turn over

8     Alison was the only pupil in her class who said that the black dot was
       exactly in the middle of this arrow shaft.

                               08.gif (1717 bytes)

        How could you find out if she was right?                                                                       1

        A     Test her eyes
        B     Measure with a ruler
        C     Ask a teacher
        D     Ask one of your parents
        E     Ask another class                                                                              1/P

9     A farmer blew a dog whistle beside you, but you heard nothing. Why did
       his dog then run to him?

        A     Dogs can hear sounds which people cannot
        B     The dog was hungry                                                                                             1
        C     The whistle did not work
        D     You must have gone deaf
        E     Dogs have poor hearing                                                                       1/CE

10     A girl put two plants in a window, gave them plenty of water, and covered
        one plant with a black box.

10.gif (21989 bytes)
        After a few weeks, the plant in the window looked green and healthy, and the
        plant covered by the box looked yellow and ill. This test shows that plants need

        A     Darkness
        B     Food
        C     Heat
        D     Light
        E     Water                                                                                             1/CE
                                                                                                           [ Turn over


11    (i)    Name these parts on the tree on your answer sheet

                                   branch         leaves        trunk                                                 3

        (ii)    Match these parts of any plant with what each part does on your answer sheet

                             branches         leaves        root        stem                                       4

        (iii)   Describe how pollen is moved between plants during pollination on your answer sheet

                lcdp45a11.gif (23034 bytes)




There is an easy-to-mark answer table and grid in the complete test.  Answer sheets and explanations are also supplied.

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