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Products for Level E Science

This Level E sample homework page is about 'Understanding Living Things and the Processes of Life'.  Graphics are by In House Publishing and Desktop Projects, Stockport.

The questions assess the following Science Attainment Outcomes : Key Features

The processes of life - the structure and functions of the major parts of the body as they relate to the processes of respiration, excretion, sensitivity and reproduction

This material is designed to be read by Primary 7/Secondary 1 children, with some parent or teacher help allowed when necessary.  Alternatively, our Talking Textease tests can be read out aloud by a computer.

A cross-curricular link with
Health Education has been explored.

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Name  _____________________                             Class   _______

To be completed for    _____________________                                         1/KU        E

                                LOOKING AT BREATHING.

        The diagram below shows our respiratory system.  Study it carefully, and then
        answer the questions below.

            lep7h08.gif (32789 bytes)

1      Match the numbers on the diagram with the sentences below to show the
        function of each part

        ................    sheet of muscle which moves down, drawing air into the lungs       
        ................    together help to make a 'cage' to protect the lungs
        ................    is the windpipe with rings of cartilage to stop it from collapsing       
        ................    is a bronchus taking air into one of the lungs
        ................    is one of the lungs where gas exchange occurs
        ................    pumps blood containing oxygen and carbon dioxide around the body
        ................    when air enters here, germs are filtered by cilia and the air is warmed
        ................    when air enters here, germs are not removed by cilia

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